Corporate Profile

Allsystems currently employs a staff of 18 full time employees, comprising of professional specialist tradesmen (Carpenters, Fire Sprayers and Painters). All our tradesmen have fire protection design and installation expertise together with a good understanding of the Australian Standards and BCA regulations.

Our strong financial and human resources allow us to offer a range of fire protection services all packaged to achieve budget and program specifications.

Specialist trades

The list of passive fire protection field of activities include:

- Fire rating of structural steelwork (intumescent paints, fire sprays, fire boards)
- Fire rating of air handling ductwork (fire sprays, and fire boards)
- Fire stopping of penetrations (fire pillows, fire rated mastics, fire boards)
- Fire rated ceilings, shafts and bulkheads
- Fire retardant coatings to current carrying high voltage electrical cables
- Essential Services Inspections
- Fire Damper Inspections and Rectifications.